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Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
I know there are always two sides to a story and I hope you don't feel like you are painted as the sole blamed party in this.

Sending all the best wishes your way as well Cat, I didn't feel like it would have been appropriate for me to reach out to you but maybe that would have been the nice thing to do. Hugs!
You're right, there's two sides, and just because it's KEITH and the girl and MNIK, doesn't mean Cat is a villain, even if we're only hearing Keith's perspective on this and of course having empathy towards what he is struggling with.

It's hard, I've been through a divorce and the narrative around our "why" painted me in a bad light if you only heard my ex's side. It's complex and there's two people with feelings ... you're right for us all to remember that.

"Just because I wanted this doesn't make it easy" is something that has stuck with me, fwiw.
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