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One of the most Al-Anon things I've ever heard was when Chemda told Libby that it's ok to not count her relapse. If your relapse matters to you, you count it. Otherwise you end up sniffing alcohol then shotgunning a can of coke and telling yourself it's all good and you can't even take a chip anywhere and you definitely don't have someone in recovery that you can be honest with. I've been sober for 6 years in AA with no slips and I do not have to do anything like that to not drink. I don't even think about drinking and I was a daily blackout hope to die suicidal drinker. You can recover. If there's anyone here that is trying AA or doing some sort of outpatient or talk therapy or anything like that and is taking suggestions, trying something new and participating in their recovery, even if you hate it, it works if you work at it and I wish you the best.
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