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AA counting sobriety

My Father-In-Law was sober 26 years Or was it 27? when he died.

Once I believe he was on vacation and went to church with friends/family in the area. After communion, someone mentioned that they were using wine.
He did not count that as a relapse, it was an accident and not a conscious choice.

But he also would not use mouthwash or medicine that contained alcohol. He would not use rubbing alcohol. He would not eat food that was prepared with alcohol. When he was in the hospital, he had an allergy band on that said he was allergic to alcohol. So he took his sobriety very seriously.

But he would admit that there were people in the program that would still drink non-alcoholic beer. Although that was something he would NEVER do, he did not condemn them for that action.

During Birthday nights (of which my wife and I never missed one), we heard several times of people who were receiving a multi-year chip for the second, third, or more time. These were people who willingly thought, I can just have one drink.

Being an outsider who talked to people inside the program, I am not here to judge anyone. My opinion would be if you knew you were drinking alcohol, then your sobriety clock restarts. But if you take a sip of your drink and discover it has alcohol in it AND you do not continue to drink it, then perhaps your clock does not reset.

Personally I rarely drink because I do not get any positive results, I have just as much fun being goofy while completely sober. I have no problem having a few glasses of wine, a mixed drink, or maybe even a beer a few times a year. But I am just as likely to drink water in social situations.

Have a great day KATGers
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