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No Resuarant manager or gm has to tell women to dress slutty. Women are told everyday that being pretty will be rewarded-from strangers who tell us to smile pretty pretty to "friends" who call us sexy baby or pretty despite being told not to (WE KNOW YOU THINK YOU'RE IN THE FRIENDZONE, WE THOUGHT YOU WERE JUST A FRIEND, ASSHOLE). Strangers will aslo tell us to our faces we're fat, ugly, or they don't want to fuck us (i don't remember asking...) to our cooworkers who ignore or are mean to us to show they are not attracted (we notice you treating us different from the pretty girls, we don't want to fuck you so being mean to make the point is unneccessary). the world tells us that an ugly woman is never a reward. at the end of the night the sexist pig who flirts too much with his waitress is also going to tip her better if she has eyeliner than if not, he might not be mean either. just demeaning. its harm reduction.
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