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Originally Posted by The Girl View Post
But if it's over then why can people bring her up in a negative light?

If you say things that are bad about her that are legit I won't argue. It's just odd to me to bring up what a shitty competitor she was and then ask me to not talk about the election.

I know she's flawed. But I have a hard time with people making the comparison based on the election and/or Trump and then asking me not to.

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Chemda, she gave us Trump. You should view her in a negative light. She isn't perfect? She helped to pass NAFTA, gutted unions and simultaneously exploded the prison population with minorities and then made it illegal for them to vote. She was for fracking. She wasn't for yours and laurens rights until it became politically expedient for her. She's a right wing wolf in left wing sheep's clothing. She is scum. She is a war criminal, and uses dirty propaganda against progressives with the backing of the establishment media i.e. "Bernie Bros" and the same media propped Trump up and gave him 2 billion dollars in free airtime for the ratings legitimizing him and getting everyone to talk about him for 2 years straight because they thought they'd have no trouble beating him.

At this point I'd like to just say again I voted for her. I understood she would've been better for the country despite all this. It isn't Hillary. It's her entire backing of powerful people surrounding her, influencing her or just carrying out her orders, I wouldn't know, and I wouldn't care. The end results are the same. It's the entire branch of Washington that she represents and its bad fucking news. The next corporatist to try and win the democratic primary will not bare her name, but it will be the same people running the show. They are the enemy. Whatever Trump is, Hillary locked Bernie and progressivism away from us. Her and her people stole that choice away from us. They are the enemy.
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