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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
It's god awful and should win a Razzie. Critics that liked it feel they should say that to appear smart. They're fuckin' liars.

You know...I liked it for about an hour.
While Michelle Phifer was on screen it was a hilariously awkward tale of an unhappy marriage and a terrible wife. There were multiple times where the whole theater was laughing like we were watching british comedy. But after the funeral, Michelle's last scene, it jumped the shark and exploded into shit.

It felt like I was watching a Let's Play of the latest Call of Duty. Just, shocking moment after shocking moment with no rhyme or reason. The bit where the You Know What gets *Spoilred* was so fucking devoid of meaning or feeling it was insulting. And the sound effect they used was just wrong. Way too loud.

(this is referring to Mother!
I hope that was obvious)

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