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Ooooh I gotta find this sex tape.
Also..Kevin Hart's current wife was the side piece he was fucking when he was married to his first wife. He left first wife for this one. So they already know he's not perfect.

mother was horrible and so far up its own ass it came out of it's own mouth. I hope it gets a razzie because JLaw and Javier Bardem and the sound crew deserve them. The story it's maybe trying to tell is about the sacrifices The Artist makes to create art that's better than their previous work (Aronofsky jerking himself off on screen), the sacrifices include their family and the people that love them (Jlaw's estranged wife who resents him but also tries to encourage him) and the vultures who praise you and diefy you but also claim your work for your own and want to fuck/kill you.


You wouldn't ever get that if you didn't already know Aronofsky loves talking about how hard it is to be an artist and how sexy skinny women get hurt and turn into birds.
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