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Originally Posted by seamus View Post
Regarding Hillary Clinton being fake, it is true to a degree, there is a history there. When Hillary and Bill were young, Bill lost an election in Arkansas. Afterwards, all the media could talk about was how Bill lost because of Hillary. Hillary didn't take Bill's last name. Hillary was bookish. Hillary wasn't a southern belle. Hillary wore glasses. Hillary didn't act like a proper wife.

Just sexist bullshit for months and months. Soon afterwards, she took Clinton as her last name, she dyed her hair blonde, she took off her glasses, etc.

So damn sad.
It's upsetting how people ignore the reasons behind her supposed lack of personality.

The lady has been getting misogynistic critiques on her appearance and personality for over 40 years. 20 of them for just being married to her husband.

It's why she changed her name. It's why she doesn't wear dresses. It's why she doesn't wear the colorful headbands she use to wear in the 90's. The list goes on.

All because of how these little things can and have impacted her and her husband's career.

There is a reason why she is so maticulus, calculated and sterile. She has to be.

[I notice that other women like this also get shit for "not being relatable". A famous example is Beyonce "she's so fake!" ]
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