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ooOOOoooo, KATGuh nominated! Very fun to read!

Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
James Adomian has been in my Top 10 since 2010. Excited as I was to hear him guest; it's not what made this ep so special.

Keith's story of his dad, ANDREA ALLAN's recount of her father time, coupled with Chemda's own stories, (and great joke tags btw - I swear after years listening she has gotten funnier and funnier) made this ep stellar.

There was a cohesive theme. Dads suck. Great story-telling. Followed by the overall surprise. This wasn't an expected 'James Adomian is guest - let's hear his impressions.'

This ep is best because everyone in studio was jiving, joking, and rocking it. Also, the Marc Maron impression at end - amazing.
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