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I don't think living in a loop is good. I just got out of a negative loop myself.

Jerome doesn't complain to me about his shit. He tells me what he's looking at in his life and he knows that I will react in truth and as much compassion as possible. But he also is not surprised that he got arrested and never asked me to undo what he did. And I haven't been trying to save him from his life.
I'm interested in how he functions and what he feels when he does it. It would not be interesting if he was in too much denial. He's not dumbfounded by why he's in trouble. I doubt he'd be surprised if he got arrested again.

I've had friends who were on a loop in their speaking patterns and actions. And I've been on loops as well. When we don't get tired of our own complaining, we stay there. (I don't think he's coming from that place.)
I try (TRY) to be aware of bad repetitions in my life. If I complain too much about something it's a sign that I have to change things. Sometimes I do it fast. Sometimes slower. But if I don't get out of my bad loop, I'll be heard less and less because I'm not saying anything new.

I like being friends with people who are looking at themselves. Jerome let me do that with him on air. I don't agree with everything he does. And I don't join him in those actions. But I admire a lot about him and I love him.

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