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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
Chemda. Thanks for defending fat people. They need a place to just live. You are right and Keith is wrong here.
If you want to evolve read " hunger" by Roxanne Gay.
She was raped as a child and got fat as a response. Haha. She is fat.
The people do not go to the resort to eat. They buy freedom from harassment.
Emotional eating is so common.
Binge eating is most often emotional.

The fact that people view overeating and obesity as a moral deficiency is sad.

The fact that people view "will power" as a strength, only adds to the stigma of being in a larger body.

Also, why do people care about the size of other people's bodies? Why do people get so upset by it? No one is obligated to look a way that is appeasing to you personally.

Health is not a matter of morality.
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