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While listening to this episode all i kept saying is that none of this has to do with being black or white and white privilege. This is a class issue. Which is why white people and minorities can relate to this conversation. Because typically with money you can get access to better healthier food. Now that does not mean that because you have money means you won't be obese and make poor food decisions BUT you will likely know but just choose to do otherwise. And yes we can say which race primarily occupies the middle to upper class but that distinction doesn't matter in this argument. Just look at the stats of who is primarily on welfare - (lower class), white people. So it is safe to assume that these people lack income, are lower class and lack access to healthy food. A class issue.

We should also note that another reason why people don't learn about their bad choices is because another thing that comes with the lower class is lack of adequate healthcare. If they were steadily going to the doctor annually like privileged (not white privilege)people are then they may find out from blood work that their numbers are out of whack as a result of their poor eating and their weight is too high. In that convo alone they will get some education from their doctor.

All in all i really think this is a class thing (specifically about not knowing what is good for you and not good for you).

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