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Originally Posted by Jessica332 View Post
Maybe it's because I'm in a bad place emotionally right now but the fat talk really got to me. About 4 years ago I lost weight. I got down to under 200 pounds which for me was a big deal. I was still fat but I was proud of myself. Well little by little things happened in my life so I wasn't able to exercise like I needed to. I did put some of the weight back on but not all of it. I can fit in an XL shirt but this is fat especially for a woman. Like I said I am in a bad place right now and I don't listen to the show so I can feel worse about myself then I already do. I am trying not to make any rash decisions but I think I'm going to cancel my VIP membership. I don't feel like I should give my money to or listen to a show that is going to make me feel worse about my life then I already do.
Hugs my dear.
I know this sucks and absolutely do what you think is best for your mental state right now. But in my experience hiding won't work. Some amount of healthy anger at others being idiots can be very liberating.

Some awesome current podcasts came out of VIP trial runs, there is nothing wrong with taking some time off to check these out and then come back after Keith got over his angry streak.
Depending on whether you need angry Misandry with Marcia & Rae or cute Inside the Closet withMatteo & Emma it will absolutely cheer you up. I promise.
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