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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
I was on your side!

Sure, as long as you can remind me regularly that I’m a rapist, you’re totally on my side.

Uuuuugh. I’m doing the thing again where I feel a feeling and instead of communicating, I’m attacking. I’m sorry for the tone of the last two messages, I still do mean the sentiment behind the first - it really is upsetting sometimes when Keith comes off as “better than” other people because he didn’t _____. I’ll always admit that I only jump on the forums and start flaming Keith when I feel personally about something he said, and he might not always mean to come off on a certain way or even know he’s doing it.

Before I was a “criminal”, I could care less what people thought about criminals. Now that I have a criminal record, I get the judgement of other people who don’t, who HAVENT GOTTEN CAUGHT with the things they’ve done, so they feel justified looking down on others who are “criminals”.

I can’t imagine saying to someone like Petey, “How dare you be happy while you’re being punished, the nerve!” He’s doing what he has to do, and spreading all of the positivity in the world while doing it. If people with criminal records gave into the judgement of others, it would send them/us to worse places mentally, than if they/we were recognized for trying, and not looked at like broken irreparable things that should 100% of the time walk around with our tails between our legs.
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