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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
this is a lot of bullshit. people are more concerned about islamic extremists b/c they're fucking dumb and racist. no, let's not reframe it to make islamic attacks sound like they're on par with our white conservative extremism problem stateside.

have you ever been to church or read the bible? there's nothing hippy dippy about the fire and brimstone crowd. these assholes are afraid of brown people.
Look I agree that those people are indeed all dumb and racist and a lot of their problematic beliefs come from the old testament. I probably shouldn't have made the comment about the context of US stats when I'm talking broadly for the west.

There is a serious totalitarian nature in the way the Quran is written, 'mohammed is the last prophet etc.' and I understand your experience where christian fundamentalists is vaster than mine so maybe I don't quite see quite as far down the rabbit hole as you.
My opinion is based off testimony I've read and heard from people like the Ex-Muslims of North America and other widely documented problems like
the honour killing of women and the consequences of the implementation of Sharia Law.
The %s of Muslims in western countries that are for Sharia Law, women obeying the husbands and that think homosexuality should be flat out illegal are higher than the %s I've seen for self purported Christians in the west.

The point about the Quran I was trying to make is that as far as practical strategies go for the progress towards a secular Islam, many people have pointed out that a major obstacle is the semantics by which it makes it difficult for moderate muslims to condemn extremist muslims.

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