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Originally Posted by StarryNight2219 View Post
I wanted to chime in and say that I really do not like this new episode release. I try to stay up to date with all of my podcasts and especially KATG. To see multiple unplayed episodes in my feed gives me unnecessary anxiety that I have fallen behind. I've been listening for 11 years and I like waking up to a new show in my feed on weekdays so I can listen in the morning during my commute.

While I realize that the episodes are still there for my commute, I feel like I'm behind since there are multiple unplayed episodes. It's a weird psychology thing and maybe it's just me but I really enjoy the original release schedule.

It's irrational but that's kind of how I feel too.

I know you guys are not recording every day and I know you have very good reasons for it and usually it's no big deal.
But sometimes when current events happen it's very apparent and I think if you just dropped a stack of episodes at the same time always it would loose more of that exciting 'I get to see how Chemda and Keith feel about a certain topic and what they are up to' feeling. Which makes me less excited than finding a new episode in my feed each morning.
But as I said on twitter: your show - your rules.
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