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I don't talk to a lot of teenagers but when I do they give me the same vibe as this girl. I like teens.

It's annoying the way that parents fret over everything that's new.

She needs to gain a better understanding of what white feminism is and examine why her reaction to being called one is so visceral. Her reaction is similar to when a guy is called misogynistic but lacks an understanding of what misogyny really is and how deeply ingrained in society and culture it is.

Her argument is essentially "all women matter". There is a reason people are asking you to use your platform to discuss the most marginalized of the marginalize. Listen to them.

Those girls who are protecting and fighting for (not speaking for) women of color are called allies. They are just doing their job of teaching their own. That's what they are supposed to do.

I get that she feels attacked. But she should take it as an opportunity to learn. Not call other women haters.
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