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Usually I am team Chemda. Most episodes I can very much relate to what Chemda is saying and replying to her rants saying "YES! OMG I love you, you read my mind". But this episode I couldn't relate, I felt like the whole energy/vibes/ vibrations/ karma stuff that was mentioned was just "cause and effect" and body language.

We effect others and they effect others and so on, its the butterfly effect, its one giant cause and effect, I don't see any energy or anything else behind it. If someone is giving off the "vibe" that they are in a bad place its because we can tell by their body language they might be depressed or something unfortunate happened to them by the way their shoulders are slumped or their facial expressions. We learn as we go threw life how to read other people, some are better at it then others, and some might be better at hiding their emotions, but its a skill in my opinion, not a vibration we put out.

As far as the whole catcalling/Hennessy coming out as trans, we notice things more when we are going threw it. When we get a new car for example we start seeing that same car on the road more, our brains like to pick up on that kinda thing. If you are getting catcalled, so are a lot of women and because we are starting to stand up for ourselves more, because society is progressing, we are more likely to speak out, videos are being made about these incidences and we notice it more because it relates to us.

Maybe I am missing the point or am so into my "atheism" that I'm blinded but I didn't get it. I'll go smoke more weed, maybe I'll see the light
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