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Leave the diary alone!

Ok I've got lots of experience of this and without fail it always ends badly.

When I was at University a friends Aunt read her diary which detailed all the people she had slept with and told her parents. As they were all Irish Catholics (and lots of them) they freaked out and disowned her for a while.

My friend was seeing a counselor in which they discussed his struggling marriage. The therapist encourage him to write a reflective diary and his wife read it and now they are divorced. His wife took his children away and took him for most of his money.

My husband read my daughters diary and told me about it. Apparently its full of swears about her evil sister and mum and dad. She was struggling with her emotions so I told her to write down the feelings and promised nobody would look in it. My husband has no idea what a massive break in trust this is and believes it is his right to know whats written in it. I would prefer not to know.

Never read a diary unless the person whose written it gives you permission. The crazy shit that we all have going on in our heads is for us to work out, not a nosey parker friend or family member. Nothing good every comes of it, if you are a fan of unnecessary conflict and heartbreak go ahead and read the diary otherwise leave your sticky beak out of it!


The shooting drill thing is a bit like the UK anti-terrorism advice Run, Hide, Tell. We are told if some starts shooting you must run away, (presumably in a zig zag to avoid the bullets ) not sure how effective that would be Thankfully guns aren't as a big threat here
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