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“How long you been dry?” I love when fellow alcoholics say this. Like the liver is supposed to be soaked in alcohol.

Clever show title. Justy is a mess and that’s why I love her. Could Justy Dodge Cirrhosis?

I’m glad Keith quit booze. If Chemda can just get him to smoke more weed. I’m not saying you need substances to relax. But I do think you can smoke weed for 10-15 years with little damage to body. 10-15 years of alcohol ripping your liver up, it starts to heal funny and quit working.

I’m reading Doug Stanhope’s new book This Is Not Fame. I always knew he drank - like a lot. This book is insane in to what degree he drinks. He doesn’t go into amounts but you get the idea. Like an entire 10 day festival is totally fucked because he’s too drunk to perform. He runs into Greg Giraldo who says, “This is what I looked like last time I checked into rehab.”

Poor Doug can’t move or travel without a cocktail in his hand. He’s been doing comedy, (really well btw) for like 28 years. Can you imagine how scarred and wrecked his liver is???

If you’re an alcoholic, drinking is the worst. I had no idea not drinking could make quality of life SO much better. It still sucks. I still relapse. I still wonder wtf I’m going to do on St Patrick’s Day. But being crippled by social anxiety and trying to fix that with being drunk and out of it is not solution.

This is really long. Sorry. But I gotta include this last part. Dr. Jordan Peterson says that what alcoholics experience is what

...oops. like this wasn't long enough...

Carl Jung refers to as consciousness. In the beginning people weren't aware of life or death and all that comes with the burden of being. The burden of being conscious. So a good way to avoid being an adult is a return to the womb/ unconsciousness. Drinking is a great way to achieve this.

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