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Hi, from your resident nasty whore, terrible mother here.

I guess my previous post didn't come across as funny as I thought it was about Andrea's description of the sex club.

The daughter had asked about the clubs before and I had never been able to give her an accurate description because, again, that would be weird. And Andrea did a really great job of what the feeling is like in the club.

And, Newsy, really? Burn the house down because people had sex in it? You got the part where she was asked to leave for the weekend before we had parties? Never been arrested for that "questionable" decision.

And, Ashley, really? You felt violated seeing tits at a swinger's convention? Come on, you delicate darling. That's like walking into a strip club and being surprised.

And, Keith, really? We were there for her 21st birthday in April last year. Don't make it sound like she's a child that I'm talking to.

I sure don't remember my first conversation with you being, "Hey, I've got permission to fuck you", but, no worries, y'all are safe.

It's easy to talk a big game about treating your children like people and having authentic relationships with them, but I've done it. And they are awesome, kind humans that don't judge just to judge.

Anyway, thanks again, Andrea. Your description was a gift for this fan.

Amanda in Atlanta
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