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Originally Posted by CherryLavender View Post
Hi, from your resident nasty whore, terrible mother here.
Oh Lord...

Originally Posted by CherryLavender View Post
And, Newsy, really? Burn the house down because people had sex in it? You got the part where she was asked to leave for the weekend before we had parties? Never been arrested for that "questionable" decision.

And, Keith, really? We were there for her 21st birthday in April last year. Don't make it sound like she's a child that I'm talking to.
I'm going to assume that Newsy didn't actually mean for your daughter to burn your house down. But who knows. I wouldn't want to assume. For the record, your daughter should not, in fact, burn your house down, and I'm happy to let her know. Even though she can handle frank sex talk, she might not know if she should burn down her childhood home.

Also, I know your daughter was raised well. That doesn't change that it IS funny to hear a mom tell her daughter that a described sex club is what her basement was like when she was out innocently with friends.

C'mon naw.
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