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Originally Posted by joslingeneva View Post
Save me from white dudes whose only complaint of suffering is that "hot girls don't like me" or "I'm not getting enough comedy spots". My cousin is scared to make the drive between New Orleans and Atlanta because the majority of the drive is through Mississippi and Alabama.
I've made this drive a million times.


I'd say 80% of the drive is through "the black belt" of Alabama and other similar areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. So she's good if she's fine with poor rural black folks. Even the white folks she sees are likely cajun/creole (literally a place called Creola, Al) til she reaches Montgomery. They are busy cause it's crawfish season lol

Why am I writing a 2018 black travel almanac? Cause I ain't got the kind of privilege where I can ignore the demographics of the places I drive through.

But hope that's helpful. I'm a Mobilian currently living in Atlanta.

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