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That's a nice-ass coat! I wouldn't leave that thing anywhere!
I honestly just don't get why she couldn't take it with her. Reena or Bianca (I can't remember) made a good point. Throw that thing over your arm and go to work. You're going to have to take it home eventually. And if you were dressed like a whore to make sexy time the night before and now you're too embarrassed to go to work with a fur coat, then you
a) should have thought about that the night before and worn something different.
b) Set your alarm early enough to go home and change.

I get that NYC is a big place and traveling around and carrying everything can be a pain but it's too soon for all this and she's clearly scaring Keith which one must be careful not to do this early in a relationship.

BTW: To this lady with excellent fashion sense- If you and Keith end up getting married, please forget I said all of this. I love you.
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