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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
When Tracey says "FREE DMX" I couldn't agree more.

Just don't free him around airports. Or cars. OR crack. Cuz otherwise he's perfectly fine. Unless a photo of DMX drop-kicking a pitbull surfaces, DMX 'Ruff Rydas Anthem stays on the gym mix. That song is adrenaline.

Mermaid, I think you spoil some valid arguments with your quote here. It's just common sense, when you are a celebrity, not to do anything unlawful. Look at Willie Nelson. He's a white country singer FROM Texas. He was arrested IN Texas. Cops there don't like weed. He was vocal about breaking the law. His tour bus was pulled over.

Shepard Fairey, (the prolific street artist who did Obama Hope/ 2008 Campaign poster) was arrested in Boston. He was invited there by a Boston museum to do a showing. Nine Boston 'Vandal/ Graffiti' Detectives immediately arrested him. He was charged with 32 felonies.

Again. Common sense. If you're in the spotlight - watch out. It's slippy.
Yes, and white people also get shot by the police.

Doesn't change that there is an obvious difference in treatment between groups.
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