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Originally Posted by Mermaid View Post
We gonna describe it or nah?

I pictured a bootyhole with a pee stream shooting into it. The stream had an arch kinda like those water fountains with the peeing babies. The bootyhole filled like a shot glass then began to overflow.

But then...
I was thinking... If I sat at the right angle I bet I could pee on my own asshole. So then I pictured that.

*curtsies and leaves *
I pictured a bare ass (no body attached) with the asshole facing up, and another ass squatting over that ass with pee dribbling down. So in my head the person on top was likely a girl but they were both hair free assholes so they were probably both girls... not to say that girls can't have hairy assholes, I think we probably just de-hair a little better in the assholey regions to avoid the thought of someone seeing our asshole all hairy.
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