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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
i understand the appeal is partly a heart tug from having early experiences with it, but it's always there for you. there's two off every exit. it's always cold AF. throw a tune on a juke box. do a little people watching. have your order taken by a meth user and prepared by her meth dealer. they work fast b/c they're tweaking and it's our culture so you have to respect it.

i had my first one night stand meeting a couple dudes at 3 am at one when i was 19.
It was pretty much the afterparty spot in college. Waffle house workers will take care of you like a long lost Auntie. They will dance with you to the juke box music and make sure you got a safe ride back to your dorm.

"how you doin baby? You looking mighty long in the face. I brought you an extra helping of hashbrowns on me."

AND you can sit back and watch a whole fight break out and be resolved quickly cause waffle house workers ain't nothing to fuck with.

That's why no one cares that they have face and neck tattoos and smell like black n milds.

A muhfuggin waffle home.
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