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Lol. Hearing ya'll trying to understand the phenomenon that is Cardi B is hysterical. I will say part of her appeal is the strength of her hustle. She went from a stripper, to being Instagram famous, to reality tv, to a multi-million dollar rap deal. Plus she always seems genuine in videos and interviews (which in the age of "fake news" is refreshing.)

Also her music slaps. Meaning if you were out dancing 6 months ago and Bodak Yellow came on you would see all the women in the party go ham because Cardi B is the perfect soundtrack for the Me Too movement. When she says "these expensive these is bloody shoes" to me not only is she commenting on the red bottoms of Louboutins and the way they tear up your feet. (THEY ARE NOT COMFORTABLE AT ALL) but also the price women pay for the real estate that is our body. Anyways, Keith I bet if you played a few of her songs in pound town, you'd have a good ass time
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