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Originally Posted by lizzy1e View Post
Got the same vibe. Guess we'll have to wait and hear.

This is one of the things that bothers me about more recent KATG shows (as in the past two years). They're late to react to conversations on the forums, their discussion of news stories is like two weeks behind half the time, and it makes the show feel like it lives in a bubble.

I realise they think most people don't notice many episodes are recorded in batches (or something like that), but it has been apparent to me for a while, even before they brought it up on the show last year. It used to be just around holidays, I felt, but these days I feel like half the shows were recorded a couple weeks back.

Anyway, this is less a complaint than an observation of how we'll have to wait to see if they respond to this forum speculation -- or don't.

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