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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Do you wipe down their chairs?
OMFG are you kidding me?! Have you SEEN these animals' disgusting fucking chairs?!

It is weird when you have friends and never know how gross they are until you finally go to their house. I knew a couple for like a year when they invited me and my daughter to dinner at their house. I have no idea how I stayed there, it was so disgusting. I think I was in that "Harvey Weinstein's in a bathrobe and he's shaking his balls around" freeze mode.

There was dog puke on the floor covered in piles of cat litter (ya know, to absorb it or WTF who knows),dog shit everywhere, ("oh gosh, sorry our dogs are old and can't help it...") the bathroom tile that had once been white was black and covered in hair and goop of some sort. The forks they pulled out for dinner were covered in food chunks and I noticed upon further inspection that ALL their "clean" silverware was like this. And I'm even a shit lazy dishwasher, but this was beyond. I sat through this torturous meal but I never went back.

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