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Pup play and kinks:
Iíve had a few instances of pup play - one guy Iím hooking up with starts off instantly submissive and starts making like, yipping noises and biting the air, laying on his back and pawing at me... and all of these things that made me soft very fast.

Another dude I was hanging out with was really into having a ďpackĒ of guys, and exploring all of this dom/sub stuff in and out of the bedroom.

Another guy on the third time we hook up, shows up wearing a pearlescent leotard.. what? I didnít sign up for that! We didnít discuss that!

I just want regular Ďol, old school Greek/Roman style adult man on man loviní, yet - like Frank said, Iím made to feel like Iím shaming other gays for wanting just that - no frills, manly, butt fucking.

Iím all for everyone consensually exploring their kinks and all, but Iím not the right partner to just spring kinks onto.

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