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I believe the Cummerbund story,

1. Very unlikely that guns would be involved so intervening in a fight is less dangerous.

2. More likely to be stabbed but if they recognised Cummerbund (if) they would probably get a ton of publicity for attacking him and it would’nt be worth it. The police would feel obligated to investigate such a high profile stabbing.

3. News has been reporting on acid attacks and increased mugging of delivery cyclists in recent years.

4. I think Cummerbund is too English and upper middle class to let someone make such a shit story up about him.

5. It’s typical of police to sell stories to the newspapers to make extra cash hence the delay in publishing a weak story.

6. The real story is that he was in an Uber when he’s minted from being in all those films ������ and should get in a black cab and pay ��

I shall add more salient points as they come to me.
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