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Really enjoyed Kerry!

I could see how dating within your own culture or race would be easier in a lot of situations, if you're embracing that culture and not rebelling against it. I have gone back and forth about that in the past. One issue I kept encountering: Men who were rebelling against their culture (their parent's and my parent's culture) and were way too extreme about it. To the point that they started to hate a whole group of people and there were little signs each day that would make me uncomfortable. I suppose they are still finding themselves, but that's just not for me. I need someone who is comfortable with the good parts of where they came from, and who they are now.

The "building a legacy" part was really interesting.

When you guys were talking about dick pics, I thought about how that entirely depends on the type of person you are, who you allowed into your messages and into your life, and even what city and groups of people you hang out with. I don't mind dick pics depending on the situation and how thirsty I am Men and women who constantly ask me to show them pics before we talk about anything are cut out pretty quickly.
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