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I loved this episode! It's the first time I've heard Chemda sound creepy and Keith sound smitten AF. I don't know what Kerry did to ya'll.

For the record I prefer the term pussy. I think some people are scared of the word cause of the sexual tension it causes. It's a hot word.

Also I've been celibate for the past year (I was dating but every man I thought about having sex with would say something dumb to turn me off) so I don't think its crazy that Chemda wants to as well. Sometimes it's good to take a break and see who you are in the moment. Now that I am back out there, I can see with clearer eyes some of my own bullshit and choose to engage with people in a better way.

Oh and the race thing. I date whoever, but it does get exhausting explaining race to people. I have a motto, you can't be a fuck boi AND clueless about race. Meaning if I am dating a guy who isn't black he better be evolved about patriarchy and women if he doesn't have a good race analysis.

As for culture I grew up in Alaska so my culture growing up was a hodge podge of native, white, black, filipino, ect similar to folks who grow up in Hawaii, so alot of the times I seem foreign to just about everyone who didn't grow up black in Alaska.

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