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When Norm MacDonald (among others) say MeToo may have gone too far he's talking about how, as he put it, it went from "100 women can't be lying" with Cosby and Weinstein (and now Moonves) to "1 woman can't be lying" with Hardwick.

MacDonald directly referenced Hardwick, who went through the ringer because of one ex-girlfriend's allegations of abuse. For criminals like Cosby, Weinstein and Moonves the initial public accusation lead to more skeletons being revealed. For Hardwick the exact opposite happened and instead of more accusers coming forward, three ex-girlfriends came out to defend his character.

Which goes back again to Keith's ongoing thing (also picked up by Andrea in this ep) about how, if you're a "good guy", how could MeToo worry you? Because by all other reports from other ex girlfriends Hardwick is a "good guy". That doesn't mean it's impossible to believe he changed his behaviour 180 degrees for one particular relationship (and like Keith says, it's "interesting" that some staff quit when he got his jobs back), but it also doesn't mean an ex can never lie - no matter what gender they are.

So then we go, "Ok, sure, Hardwick went through the ringer but then three other exes backed him up and the company investigated him and cleared him and he got his jobs back, so yeah, sure, he had a hard few weeks and carries a continuing, possibly undeserved stigma in the eyes of many, but at least he hasn't suffered anything on the level of what MILLIONS of abused women have suffered." Which is PLENTY true.

But it's also plenty of miles from any kind of fanciful "good guys have nothing to worry about" deal. I mean, fuuuuuuuck, to be dramatic about it, hundreds if not thousands of innocents have been locked away in American jails over the years. Dozens of innocents have been gunned down by cops. None of this "good people get shafted sometimes" shit is even close to secret, it's front page news.

And if this is happening, that often, at the highest levels of morality enforcement how much more often do you reckon it's happening at the lowest levels of morality enforcement, i.e., at the level of accusation. If you think peeps are safe if they're "good" are you really living this life with your eyes open?

p.s. One of the exes who defended Hardwick's character was Janet Varney, on whose show our beloved Chemda appeared back in 2013, two years after Varney's 7 year relationship with Hardwick ended. This has no bearing on anything, I just bring it up as a curiosity or whatever.

p.s.s. Keith was calling out creepos long before it was cool - Pat Dixon being the prime example. Any of you newer listeners who have VIP and are ridiculous enough to still be reading this ludicrous novella of a post but don't yet know that tale should look it up. While a case could be made Keith has an imperfection or two I've long considered him a literal hero when it comes to the battle against creepism. Not as big a hero as Chemda of course, but still ... unlike Chemda he's only a mortal.

p.s.s.s. I haven't listened to or watched any Louis CK since the shit went down, and I've spent more money on his comedy than any other comic. I quit Pat Dixon, who'd been one of my Top 5 KATG guests and whose podcast I listened to regularly, after that shit went down with him. I also - unlike Keith - don't watch Woody Allen or Roman Polanski movies anymore. Fuck, I even quit listening to Queens of the Stone Age - my favourite band for about 20 fucking years! - not long ago, and all Josh Homme did was kick a photographer's camera into their face! There wasn't even any peen involved! If anything I'm more hardcore on these cunts than Keith is. And as for Hardwick, I listened to some eps of Nerdist when he had good guests on, but I always found him grating (ironically because he seemed TOO NICE!!!). Just something to keep in mind with all that malarkey I blathered on about above.

p.s.s.s.s. Sorry to do this to you as a Tool fan Chemda, but you might want to take some time to look into the rape allegations against Maynard James Keynan.

p.s.s.s.s.s. I give approximately 17 splattery, burning, thai curry-powered shits about this post.
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