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Doing a big VIP catch-up. Yeah, I'm a bit behind.

Man. This brings back memories of the first studio. No, I mean MY first studio. Ugh.

RE: Hi-Lo game and negativity. Just read a whole book about this. The title is "The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking" - I'm guessing Cat wouldn't like it, given the positive-thought crowd she's hanging out with now. But it's an amazing book. Stoicism - Buddhism - covers a lot of ground. It's kind of a philosophy for life. Negative is good when you face it. (this *should* have the KATG associate code in it)

Hey, did you two ever watch that Black Mirror episode together? This would be amazeballs!

Chemda warns Keith about falling in love with some random person because they're the tidiest woman he's ever met LOL (hello Kyle)

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