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I use poppers quite a bit, they don’t make me hard they just make super horny and into the moment even if I’m not feeling it with that person, which is trouble they have gotten me in. It’s a loose (literally) feeling and it puts you in the sexual moment. If I use them with someone I’m into it makes things insanely intense. A problem however is that the next day I usually have a major headache and my lungs feel irritated. They are able to be sold because they’re sold as tape cleaner, head cleaner or nail polish remover but they’re obviously marketed for sex but they put a do not inhale warning on the side. I find rush to be good but I find jungle juice Platnium to be stronger with some effects and Amsterdam is strong and has the strongest effect on me but I’m tore up for two days minimum after using them and feel like shit and there is a dirty feeling after using them. In a way I personally am dependent on them for hooking up through apps, because like Mehran said it’s hard to connect sexually through an app. My hookups from meeting people in person have been much better and much heavier and sexier, and if poppers were used it was just fire but the poppers are just a bonus. Guess honestly I do just like fucking with myself a little lol.

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