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Venom was great? I was so excited to hear you tear into it!

Spoilers ahead so don't read if you care:

1. The Rage symbiote transfers into the old grandma in Malaysia at the beginning. Then SIX MONTHS LATER she's at the airport, same body, no problems with anyone at all. OK. Then, granny see a little girl to transfer Rage into so into the bathroom she follows her. Little girl then is able to get onto a flight to San Fran ALONE. Did she eat someone on the plane during that long flight? Where the hell are this girls parents? PLOT HOLES MY GAAWWD.

2. Being spoon-fed clear superhero movie things that we ALL know by now. After turning into full-blown Venom for the first time after he breaks his leg on the road, Eddie feels the need to tell the audience that His leg was broken... but... now it isn't?! WHAT.

3. Venom is supposed to be a rage filled murder machine but comes across as a bro with a heart. VOMIT. He has a change of heart and risks his life to save humanity... why? WHY?!

4. That lead lady's wig, VOMITOUS.

5. It was such a confusing movie. Is it a dark comedy, a horror, a good-cop/bad-cop comedy, a romance, a feel good action movie? The movie was PG... A Venom movie? He bites off someones head but there's no blood. Why make a Venom movie if you aren't going to try and make the character like the one it is based on?

I'm glad they made Venom LOOK like Venom. Aside from Tom Hardy being his usual awesome self, I give this movie - VOMIT.
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