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Originally Posted by bw81 View Post
Venom was great? I was so excited to hear you tear into it!
If it was Rated R it'd be masterpiece.

If this was vomitous (I read your spoilers) then how are the mediocre super hero movies considered good?

You're wrong. This was great. Sorry a symbiote doesn't fit in your literal box and broke your brain.

It was a superhero movie - an action comedy. What's the confusion?

Spider-Man was amazing. This is... great.

I was talking to my buddy FingerLakes about it and he of course left before the first extra scene. (Pure carnage, bro!) That's ridiculous. But seriously, you're wrong. This is Venom venom comin attem can’t stop gettin em venom adrenaline momentum hit em vemon m&m em 15 minute end credits? it’s just a trailer for spider-man animate-em.
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