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Originally Posted by komatsubook View Post
Hey KATG community, I'm going to be moving to Colorado Springs in a month. I don't know anyone there and I don't have a job or place to stay yet. But like Keith moving to New York I'm ready to get out of my po-dunk nothing town. I've been here my whole life. I want to meet new people and as a huge fan of KATG (four tattoos now) I knew I had to reach out to the community. If you're in the area let's meet up. I want someone who can show me around or just be a friendly person.

Peace, Love, and Keith and The Girl!

Shop manual/ Service manual
Parts book
Operation and Maintenance Manual
Field Assembly Manual
Hydraulic Excavator
Wheel Excavator
Crawler Dozer/ Bulldozer
Dump Trucks
Backhoe loader
Crawler carrier
Mobile Cranes
Telescopic Handler
Trash Compactor
Catalogue/ Specification Sheets

I feel bad for missing this single post you've made. If you still catch me responding PM me.
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