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Quick update

In the last week I've added 4 more shows to the list. The Vinyl Collection, The Rise to the Top, Legion of Skanks, and Lady to Lady. I've also discovered a podcast that featured Chemda/Keith on 4 episodes. That show is The LA PodFest Podcast. The second thing I've found with out obtaining is an interview with Chemda at The Talk to the Top [website here] the only way to get it is by purchasing a $397 membership. I've sent a request to purchase a single interview.

I'm always finding more shows these two have been on. I'm sure I've missed some and I'm still missing files for a handful. But the list is more and more close to complete. So thank you again for your time and please help me if there are any missing episodes or if you have any mentioned as missing at the bottom of the document.
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