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The talk about his perspective on his own sexual assault was interesting. I was with Keith for trying to sort through that. Sometimes the manipulation someone's brain does to protect themselves shifts when the same experience is applied to someone they personally know and love. Like, would he have the same attitude about his daughter being sexually assaulted the same way that he does about himself?

And one more thing he could consider, he might unknowingly be telling his daughter how she should be okay with sexual assault like he is if he talks similarly in front of her or if she hears it herself through a podcast or something. That the people can even stay in her life and never have it addressed. And if she doesn't feel the same, she might instead think she can't confide in and go to him if she's sexually assaulted.

Obviously he is a comedian and part of his approach was wanting to make an entertaining show. Plus, all people are different and that won't always be the case, but it's something he could consider to understand why some people wouldn't like how he talks about it. My own mother certainly didn't realize the real lessons she taught us, which was that she wasn't to be trusted, in her attempt to teach us something else.
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