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Iíve had more time to process. As Chemda said, classic narcissist behavior. I donít blame her for wanting to take a year off. I donít blame her for having PTSD. 9 years of dealing with a narcissist is fucking rough. They are so charming and so good and making you feel dumb and crazy. No wonder Chemda got the question everything tattoo. To realize that this person, you whoíve invested almost 9 years of your life, of your blood sweat and tears, never really cared/loved you, fucking heart breaking. No one deserves this, especially Chemda.

Her and Xerxes makes more sense. He is someone sheís been friends with for over 10 years. She knows his habits, the way he communicates. He is safe. And clearly that is what she needs. I understand not wanting to label something. It seems like as soon as you label a relationship there is this arbitrary timeline where people start pressuring people to start meeting-which isnít what is needed right now.

Chemda, I hope the divorce is smooth and drama free and that soon you can be free from this emotional cancer in your life. Totally understand why you wouldnít want to talk to your father in law about it. He hasnít had the best luck with his kids and to hear that yet another one is a fuck up-not really a burden you should have to bear. Iím glad you have him though. Very sweet that he jumped on a plan to help you. That is a true father right there.

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