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I remember Chemda dropping random bombs during shows like H "just needing to Shut UP sometimes" and something like "all marriages are lies!" When someone spoke of divorce. But certainly we never got the timeline and details we got in this ep.

I figured you were kinda referencing Keith's still somewhat recent divorce or only talking about H not being reliable with money. That seemed like such a big and specific issue that I didn't think you could talking around such traumatic events. This show was so good to hear. The perspective of time and the being on a fuck app really signifies how fucked up things were. Also good to hear these definitions of empath and narcissist. Sub out empath for codependent and that's my ass for sure.

In the episode The Scream you two were in therapy together. Can I ask where that was in all this? After you threw him out? I think you mentioned that you yelled at him more either in another session or after, what was the about? About the lies you mention catching him in here?
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