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I am good at responding to texts and understand when someone goes quiet that something has probably come up. If we are in mid emergency style conversation, I'll call if the reply isn't there quick enough. It's a bit presumptuous to assume the person I'm texting with is sitting down calmly with a cup of tea, only the mobile phone in front of them and not a care in the world. I guess I've ghosted when a general comment is sent to me or the answer to a question has ended our conversation. But is that ghosting? Do we need to announce that the conversation is over?

I found Chemda's annoyance with Xerxes frustrating to listen to as you can hear the paranoia and mistrust bubbling up all because of a text message. To be clear, I'm not annoyed at Chemda - just at hearing how a problem can manifest out of nothing. Xerxes asked a question, she answered... isn't that the end of that part of the conversation?

The, "I need him to see say X, Y then Z " just seems petty to me. You've known how Xerxes is with text messages via the course of your entire friendship, isn't it a little unfair to expect him to not respond the way he always has?
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