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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
my eye itched this morning. i needed Bear to say out loud it wasn’t worms or pink eye. sometimes you need your person to shout down the crazy so you can move on with your day.
Totally get that, and I get those weird things too that just need said. But I don't really see how Xerxes should know that when Chemda answers a question he asked about a proposal that he has to say, "Cool. Super cool even!".

That's not a, "we've known each other for nearly 20 years and when I cut my finger and there's a small amount of blood and I make a big deal about it just let me make a big deal about it, let me show you the tissue with the blood and tell me, "poor shnookums"...

But I am assuming this has probably happened before between the two of them and if he is aware that he should respond in that situation, then that's on him.
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