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I looked at my ex-wife's Facebook account and found out she was cheating. I woke up one night at about 11 pm and sat bolt upright knowing something was wrong. My wife wasn't in bed with me. I hadn't necessarily assumed she was cheating at the time but we had been drifting. I went to the laptop which still had her logged into fb. I then got to watch a sexting sesh between her and a mutual acquaintance. She was in another room of the house on her phone and wasn't aware I was awake and following along on her fb account in a web browser. I started grabbing screen shots for evidence but my stomach was doing flips just observing. So I interjected into their conversation just to make it stop. Said I thought it was time they both go to bed and pointed out how bad this guy's sexting game was. We've been divorced since 2016 now and life is much better without a cheating, narcissistic asshole for a partner.
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