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I thought this guest had moments of being interesting. He would talk for a little bit and I would be invested, then he would say some crap that really made me mad. Mainly the part where he said: "she was that kind of girl" and then refused to acknowledge that that could even mean he was implying she was slutty... It was a little hard to listen to this one and I was glad to hear what everyone thought on last week on katg since I now have vip He actually reminded me of guys that have attempted to date me in the past. They start off interesting and then say weird vague shit and when I ask for clarification they go: I dunno why you can't understand I already said it. I basically get like Keith in these situations and say: fuck it we'll never know, bye. lol

As far as checking a past bf device I've never done so. However I had a dumb bf who was letting me use his computer once for a school project. He left fb open and allowed his messages to display on his computer when they came in. So some explicit messages came in from a girl while I was working on an English paper....cheaters are quite dumb
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