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Originally Posted by ThePinkSuperhero View Post
OMG thank you for posting, I forgot one of my favorite parts- dude says you can find his podcast on ... ", I think that's how it works?" How can you HAVE a podcast and not know the basics about telling someone where to find it!
To be fair that sounded pretty tongue in cheek to me, like the phrase "wherever books are sold." I feel like podcasters in general never say what specific platform because there's so many (not including asking for reviews on iTunes). Closing the show was definitely awkward though haha.

I didn't mind him, but of course being the audience is only part of it. Super shitty hearing the behind the scenes stuff on Last Week. Obviously you owe him nothing and would risk a ton of energy but - possibility of him coming back if he's paired with another guest? Or even having him in the marathon...then if he's shitty he'll get called out and it's all part of the marathon madness!

I'd genuinely be interested though in a part 2, but he'd be required to listen back to this episode and maybe even have Andrea rip him apart. It's a big shame and I really feel for her!
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