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Fucking wow.

First off, I kept thinking it was me on the mic because our voices are so similar. I haven't flip flopped on a guest so much in a while. He would give these nuggets of honesty and vulnerability and then churn my stomach with an inappropriate turn of phrase.

In terms of coming out, how he feels about "being gay", where he firsts in the gay community - he's where I was when I was 16 and just coming out. He seems to have a similar contrarian personality that I do - not wanting to be what people "expect" you to be, not wanting to fit into someone's idea about you..

He just needs a few more liberal friends to give a few reproachful looks whenever he says something bordering on misogynistic or whatever. I had to accept and work through the fact that I was a gay misogynist, I had to work on not putting down the gay community and not trying to distance myself as a lone wolf, I still feel weird and on guard about PDA (straight people have no idea what you have to work up to, to be able to feel comfortable wit that shit)

I think he has a lot of potential, I think he should be in regular therapy just to continue to have conversations like today, I even dig the gay pastor vibes and everything (even though, keep religionanf your God the hell away from me) - although homeboy, keep the "white dudes" thing to yourself though? It helps I force ideas within yourself and the community that black men aren't desirable unless someone has a BBC fetish - it's just not a good look. I myself am 34 and am making a concerned effort to be attracted to black guys because of society and self hate and whatever.

Good ep, shower time.

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